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FASTENICA s.r.l. is a product company spin-off of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna established in 2008. The company mission is devoted to both industrial and market exploitation of technical and scientific results achieved by his shareholders during their engagement in several local, regional and European projects.

Robotics for Surgery

Industrial Robotics

Machine Vision and Visual Servoing

R&D support


The basis of our business model is inspired by our vision about how an efficient technology transfer between Research and Industries must be carried out. FASTENICA’s business development is based on our multidisciplinary knowledge and competencies which locates our company at the center of relations between product makers, research and fund raising activities, technological providers and real market expectations. This approach enable us to be able to put on the market innovative and attractive mechatronic, robotic products and services in order to generate profits in a sustainable and long-term way for our company and our clients.
Efficient technology transfer between Research and Industries

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Some Fastenica's projects
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Laser Assisted Robotic Surgery
The objective of LA-ROSES is the development of a teleoperated robotic consolle for laser assisted suturing of corneal wounds in keratoplasty (cornea transplantation). – More details
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Automatic Pouring
MOD – Automatic Pouring of Molten Metal by Utilizing Real Time Vision Based Control System. – More details
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Chip Counting system

Novel vision system
The ChipCounter system integrates a novel vision system able to count the number of “good” chip on a wafer starting from an high resolution image of the wafer itself. – More details
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Robotic deburring task

A position-force hybrid approach driven by burrs laser measurements
A robotic cell has been developed for automatic deburring of various types and sizes of casting iron objects. Up to date robotic deburring systems do not use information about the burrs dimensional characteristics they have to remove. – More details


Professional competences, ability to focus on objectivities and key results and agility to learn; this is what we can offer you. Industrial services offered by Fastenica srl include designing, prototyping and development of robotic systems and machine vision systems to solve challenging production tasks that could be seen as quite hard to automate. The strong multidisciplinary background of FASTENICA’s people allow to bridge the gap between theory and practice in all areas of intelligent systems and robotics. We also offer management support for the development of innovative industrial products and services including fund raising activities and projects definition in the framework of International, National and Regional local call for proposals.

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